Understanding a place means uncovering the rumours of its language and the shape of its body, and this understanding enables us to converse with it in order to amplify its voice, to showcase its beauty, or even to contradict it.


We can intervene to unveil these attributes - accentuating the directives, the deep-set geometries, the lines of the strength of a place - and to recover its fragmented memory. But to do so, it may well be that we in fact need only an accent, a minimal architecture that punctuates the landscape.

(Español, 2007)*


Series of zinc plate photo etchings


Editions of 7

June 2008



*Colafranceschi, D. (2007) Land&Scape Series: Landscape + 100 words to inhabit it

Spain: Graficas Campas


·         Español, J. Place

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